Survive the Disasters (kaosmash89)

Released February 3, 2017
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Max Players 10
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Survive the Disasters (kaosmash89) is a disaster game by kaosmash89. The game is a copy of the beta testing of The Survival Challenge, but with some edits.


It's a game where you have to survive the disasters on several maps. It includes a shop and a few buildings. The game has 18 maps.


The GUIs are green instead of blue. The dialog person is named TyeMan instead of the owner of the game.


Work in progress


  1. City and Park
  2. Volcano Valley
  3. Frozen Fields
  4. Nature
  5. Desert
  6. Aqua
  7. Space
  8. Green Hill Zone
  9. Picnic Table
  10. Halloween
  11. Minecraft
  12. Cod City
  13. Northern Hills
  14. Red Brick City
  15. Crossroads
  16. Sewer
  17. Mario
  18. Thanksgiving


  • TyeMan does not own kaosmash89's game.
  • The admin SurvivalGuy4402 added is still in the game.
  • Even though the current map playing sign was removed, the map title changer and the titles are still there.